Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All Things See-Thru...

A current obsession: lace + sheer material.
scratch that.
i've been non-stop drooling over this fashion idea for a long time now.
i won't call it sleezy. there's a fine line between tasteful & distasteful clothing. it really depends on how you decide to wear it.
my mom gave me a mini lecture yesterday about my crop top that i was wearing.
she began the way she usually begins her lectures with"i was listening to the news and they were saying". and then "they are saying how girls need to be careful with how they dress these days. showing your belly is considered-"
"okay mom", i interrupted. "i know what you're going to say. it's not sleezy though. i'm showing about an inch or two [give or take] of my midriff, yes, but i'm also wearing a pair of washed-out jeans with a studded belt and pair of black boots."
no mom, i am not trying to sell my body in any way.


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