Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tues night was lady gaga's concert.
nik [my sis] & her friends and i met up with a couple guys from gaga's crew. they were neat, we had a fun time, although we didn't have anywhere to go really at 3 am on a tues after hanging about town, not much was open. so we split at about 4 am, nik and i and her friends went for thai food, while i was designated driver and somehow kept my eyes open for the ride home. 
[i apologize for the crappy image quality. nik apparently doesn't know how to use the scene selections on her cam. HAH].

i really had an awesome night. it' s not every night you get to hang with people who are associated with gaga, but even besides that fact though, they were fun peeps.



Eden said...

Great shots and love your cute:))

Bub said...

Wow, lucky you, hope you had a great time, I love the outfit at the last picture!
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thelittledistractions said...

That partly sheer shirt. That's the best one I've seen!
Also lash love x just beautiful!