Friday, August 20, 2010

He's about to show you how he's capable of breaking your heart into gajillions of pieces.

It's back to school in a couple weeks.
it's weird, so many people have asked me if i'm excited, nervous, not ready. my answer is i'm all 3.
i'm not too sure what to expect for my first year of post secondary, but i am looking forward to start dancing up again and meeting lots'a neat people. 

My mumma bought me the comfiest shirt when we went to the states from f21. i was so shocked to find something like this there. i mean... it's plain, boring & grey but the fabric is so yummy and comfy and the fit and shape of it is lovely. i love the slouchy-ness of it.



Eden said...

Love the cardigan:)))
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Planet Koda said...

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