Monday, August 2, 2010

praise HIM.

i cannot tell you how beautiful the church service was today.
no wait... i kinda can.
the music, the message, the pastor/speaker, the new people i met.
i never really used to look forward to Sundays at my old church, which isn't the greatest, most positive thing to say about church. but it's the truth. but that was a couple years ago and maybe i was just immature.
But since i've been going to WESTSIDE church, sundays are my favorite part of the week. i look forward to seeing everyone, people i don't know, meeting new peeps, THE MUSIC..singing, being totally moved by GOD through the pastor from his message.
i used to be so self conscious of how i stood as i sang and what i would do with my hands, and now, it's amazing, i just throw my hands up and praise GOD. and the feeling is incredible. 
i decided i needed to get more involved in my church, so i've signed up to help out. i know this is what Jesus wants of me, because this is our duty, to serve, especially in the church.
i'm seriously totally looking forward to it.

ugh. today was a lovely day. i'm glad i'm finally able to leave stupid stuff that's happened lately aside and focus on praising Jesus and growing more in him. HE's mended my heart in so many ways and i thank HIM. 

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