Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"______ all about it"

Lately Readings.
1. i just finished reading BERGDORF BLONDES by PLUM SYKES. it's a book about the high status, new york wannabe [if not] blondes & their oh-so-glamourous, elite lives they try to ensue. i found it quite humorous. dazzling. perhaps a tad too scandalous for my taste but i was shocked with the amount of knowledge plum sykes had to be able to describe the characters so precisely close to that of a real high class new yorker. almost every sentence in the novel had to do with some well known designer. then i read her bio: she is a fashion-writer for magazines & new york socialite. duh...
2. i had to read a play the past week out of a book that is required for my acting class at school: TOUGH by GEORGE F. WALKER. the basic story is that of three nineteen year old characters in a park- a boy and two girls. the dilemma is that one of the girls is having the guy's baby & he finds this out near the beginning of the play. we all discussed it as a class after reading it & many people mentioned the redundant acts by the characters and how typical and cliche they were... which sort of makes it more believable, because many teens are just as so. i personally found it a bit of an annoyance & it was difficult for me to reach the end because every second or third page felt like deja vu. 
3. in english we had to read two pieces from STEVEN PINKER. i was really intrigued by his writing. i plan on looking for the book he wrote that the two pieces came from & reading it. 
4. started a new book today i got from the school lib. THE HEART DOES BREAK. "a book in which some of our best writers address their losses- and help us endure our own".  


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