Sunday, September 12, 2010

"all i want is a cheeseburger" "yeah, well i just want some chinese food".

Chinese night market round dos. this time i actually had some money to splurge. 
i bought: 
1. fake nails. they're really neat, they're white with polka dots at the tip of the nail and little bows. it's rare that i buy fake nails, i find them a pain especially when they fall off constantly but i decided i'd give in this one time.
2. a harajuku bag. yes, it's probably fake but it looked very real [which i think actually may be illegal?] 'cause i checked it out & usually it would have a different name or look a bit different from the originals... but it looked perfect... i bargained with the lady from $25-$20.
another bag i can use for books and dance stuff from schoolio :)
3. FOOD. milk mango bubble tea ["with just a bit of pearls please"], a swirly potato...thing... on a stick with white cheddar- which i wasn't too too fond of, and a chocolate stuffed fish-shaped-crepe-like...thing. i burnt my mouth approximately 6 times because i wouldn't let the chocolate inside cool before eating... imma smarty pants..

[btw, this is the big knit sweater i got at zara. i love how its baggy 'cause i get the extra lose material and wrap myself up with it].


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bravegrrl said...

looks like loads of fun and i love your zara sweater!