Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vogue Paris October 2010

So leather has not yet left the scene i see... that's okay, i like leather NAWAYS.
yes. i'm corny. i'll blame it on my deliriousness for very little sleep the past few weeks. 
furs! i'm pro faux fur... a more thoughtful choice if you ask me. 
& say hello to long skirts. maxis & skirts just over the knee are my current favorites. they're fun to play with during the fall because they seem to look a tad more suited to the weather conditions rather than mini skirts. mind you... mini skirts? during fall... really?
lately i've been clothing myself with knee high socks and boots. my dirty, worn black boots- my dad had to super glue em at work cause they were abused from their owner (
lastly, knits. perhaps i've stressed it enough?- in recent posts...
well here's too an obsession over knits. a girl can never have enough [ i love how this phrase can be used for basically anything ;) ]


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