Saturday, November 13, 2010

crop circles.

Back to work... restaurant work that is. i hadn't worked since halloween & to be honest it was really nice to take a break from it.
but, now this means school, homework + job. 
just a few weeks left until winter break! 
ill be vacationing in palm springs for part of that time... sunnnn shine!
i would love to touch up the tan, it's been looking a little drab lately. needs a little color ;)
Sadly returned the velvet dress [didn't fit right]to the thrift store on tuesday and exchanged it for a black knitted shawl. i'm beginning to notice that i am obsessing over shawls this season.
ahh i like 'em.


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Bub said...

So pretty! Aww your bun is soo tiny! Mine is hugeee, check it out