Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Givenchy spring '11

Take a whiff.
i instantly fell in love:
- sheer animal print!
- flowy..ness
- half braided hair
- burgundy/ dark red lips
i think i've already emphasized enough how much i adore see-thru, sheer material.
but givenchy's spring '11 collection has really put a finger on it for how i feel.
to turn hit another point, i went thrift store shopping yesterday with nina.
i conclude that second hand shopping is my new obsession... when i'm in the store & i see something i like + a price tag that says $3.99... i just melt. mind you... i plan on searching for a winter coat [my zara knit just won't do it for this chilly weather that's going to hit us].
i'll most likely look for one at zara because their winter wear is veryyyy tasteful !


1 comment:

Eden said...

amaaaazing collection! i loved it at first sight:)))