Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the invitation. the acceptance. the vfw show

[all] ph. natashajanelle

noticeably visible throughout the vancouver fashion show saturday evening.
i was invited to blog for vfw. saturday evening i attended with my date, nina. 
of all three designers that show cased their clothing, skin is a word that sums up a good portion of what i saw. other words that depict the style of clothing could include chic, tasteful, innocent, frumpy, edgy, playful and of course, sexy.
skin. not meant in a negative tone. in fact, i enjoyed the amount of skin revealed because it showed sexiness can still be portrayed as tasteful & not "i'm plan on standing on the corner of the street cause i'm lookin for summa humma humma..."
first designer i sadly cannot recall the name [was TBA in the program]. 
lots of frills and pretty prints. did i like it? it was cute. i can see it totally being marketable but would i wear the clothing? perhaps 40% of it. 
it could be because my style is very grandma[shawls & knit sweaters] meets black strapped boots and red lips. 
second designer i believe was Shilmel Zagvar.
lots of backless dresses & sheerness [which you know i bite my knuckles over]. yum.
a more edgy mood i got from the clothing. and after catching my eyes onto many of the dresses i found myself thinking "yes, oh yes i'd wear that number".
lastly, Maggie Coulombe [from Hawaii!]
i felt the theme of the clothing was very repetitive. i understand her though. she was getting the point across, like many and most designers do. the designer wants the theme to stay consistent throughout the show so many of the same pieces look very similar. 
i applaud her on her quirky idea of fur avec blouses. i am a fan of fur. faux far, that is. not the most original idea but either way i still like the thought. she came out at the end with the models & had such a wonderful smile on her face and her inner beauty shone right through [yes, just from her walk out on and back off the runway]. i decided right away that she was my favorite. 
i got to see the love of my life after MONTHS... amy. & i met her wonderful bf brett.
nina & i ran from the rain after the show into a random sushi restaurant. mmm nothing like hot tea after escaping the cold]. stuffed our faces and then decided we still had room for gelato [....of course we would]...
the night ended with us returning to my parked car [which i didn't pay park for over an hour & didn't get a ticket... i was overjoyed!] and bustin moves in the car seats to beats all the way home.
i'd like to replay this night again. twas fun!


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