Monday, November 1, 2010

'stick for the ladies

 A 'stick obsession.
i'd like to propose a mini review of my current lipstick i smack on frequently. 
REVLON Just Bitten [lipstain + balm]- Crave.
got mine from walmart in the states but i'm almost positive you can get it at most drugstores in canada...
what i like about it? it's a long lasting lipstain that actually doesn't stain my lips till the next dat-- i've found in the past that some lipstains stay on until the next day and i have to scrub my lips to get it off & it can be a pain. & it doesn't create a thick layer on the lips, it's light. 
negatives? they need more colors--- some more girly, pinky colors would be nice.
 i apologize to the gents who may not find this post useful for themselves... ;P
[looks like this photo got around... :) i had not idea...]

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vodka latte said...

It's a great colour...looks good on you.