Tuesday, December 7, 2010

done & done. baby.

i don't think i've ever official introduced myself as one of the cafe members at my church: westside. fantastic church. and a great cafe team if i do say so myself.
at least once a month on a sunday i work on the cafe team... it's a great bonding time with others that come to westside.--- @ granville island theatre sports.
after the service nik & i drove for 5 mins, got outta the car and walked to meinhardt, a cute little cafe on south granville. it was my first time there. yummy food. neat interior.
on our walk around town after lunch i spotted alyson michalka [girl from hellcats] in TNA.
i was a little shocked & i'm sure my eyes widened as i realized it was her... but i kept walking and smiled. can you imagine the amount of fans these people have to deal with all the time? i refuse to be another one of those people that ask for a picture.
eventually we ended up in chapters bookstore and i got nik a moleskin notebook for her bday... thats... what she wanted... 
and then...
nik: hey its stephen harper!
nat: huh? are you sure that's him? no.... that definitely isn't...
nik: no it is! you should go get a picture with him... or sing for him.
nat: uhmm... no..... and thats not stephen harper
5 mins later [we leave the store]
nat: i'll prove to you that's not stephen harper [as i google search his picture & show nik]
nik: HHAHAHHHAHA. iiiii mean gordon campbell!
nat: wow.. that woulda been really embarrassing if you went up to him and referred to him as "mr.harper".....

was funny.
anywho. exams are done. last two exams were today.
i hope i'll be able to breath now. i need a little more me time. 
& time for those that i see every 12823 years. i miss you guys.


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