Sunday, September 26, 2010

knight in warm knit

a taste of topshop's fall/winter knits.
i drool over their sweaters.
here's why...

1. the sweetheart shape + partial see-thru look... reminds me of those american apparel dresses. but knit, sweater style.
2. mm beige. i'd wear this with thigh high socks, stockings or nylons.
3. the unevenness of the shirt.
4. the material & roomy fit.
5. baggy & long. perfect for #2
6. this would be so comfy. i like the look & material as well. perfect color for fall.
Now let's completely switch seasons around, shall we, & take a peak at the SS 11 [topshop]
simone rocha's line is so yummmyyy.


'sara got a wicked haircut]

I may not love my camera when it comes to just plain taking pictures.
but when i bring out the zoom in times i need it... it does well.
nik & i went to the tegan and sara concert at malkin bowl friday night.
well... we didn't exactly go INTO malkin bowl, we listened outside... we didn't buy tix.
it was still awesome. their voices are just as good, if not better, live. i really like their odd, original voices and they totally brought it friday night.
for awhile we sat on fold up chairs... where [as you'll see in the last picture] had no backing on it... i found out when i unfolded it, quite unfortunate. then i decided i'd try and see how much my camera would zoom through a small hole in the drape covering the fence of malkin bowl. 
success. people crowded around my camera and  i got comments like:
"i'm just looking over her shoulder at her camera.. it's a better view"
"it's like a t.v"
"mind if we watch from your camera?"

haha. i was laughing. i was impressed myself though.
the photos are still quite crappy, but from how far away i was, it somewhat did some justice.
afterwards we grabbed some gelato and had a mellow drive home.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

creep peek the vent wall.

vent wall:
poems, quotes, jokes, lyrics and whatever is on my mind is slapped on.

.... when i caught my first fish in widbey island on the famous dock that we visited every time.
we also caught crabs, went mussel hunting and clam digging. back in the days of lugging around our pop-up trailer, bowl-cut hair styles, crooked teeth & a mother who rocked the short, permed hair. 
... that time when a crab pinched me. i remember crying... what'a cry baby.
i still am.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

food break. lets shoot ;

after eating at the Banana Leaf, our antsy bottoms were in the mood for photo-taking.


malaysian grub

1. if you have not yet been to the Banana Leaf restaurant, you my friend, are missing out.
yummy yummy malaysian food. we pigged out on food that i cannot- for the life of me- remember the names of.. besides roti bread. absolutelyyyyy delicious. i could eat it all day, every day. 
2. i happen to have the most photogenic friend. nattie. i told her [cause she's short] that she should be a print model. seriously, someone better discover this face and put it to work because she is incredible.
3. i'm getting really sick of vancouver weather. one second it will be raining, then hailing, then stop and throw out some sun.. then some more rain. im not kidding.
4. free lollipops are always appreciated. thanks to banana leaf.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

start the season.

Apparently the weather has not yet made up its mind whether it wants to stay warm or move into more fall-like conditions. we're getting both. & i'm not too sure how to dress anymore. 
when my mother says "the weather man said it's going to be 17 degrees tomorrow" i assume i'll be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. i forget that i wake up at 5:30 am and that the mornings are cold. so here  i am walking at 7 am around vancouver in high-waist shorts and from my peripheral i notice heads turning to my summery 'fit. everyone else is bundled up in a jacket and jeans. pft, apparently they didn't listen to the weather man...
the warm weather eventually rolls around by 11 am & i feel reassured.
i look forward to scarves, knitted head-wear, over-sized sweaters & lots of maxi skirts & dresses. 
i'm looking into items of olive green. khakis.