Saturday, January 1, 2011

& then the evening rolls around..

Thurs night the four'a us went to the cheesecake factory. 
after nik & i went to ace hotel together. 
we only went there for dessert/drinks. right when you walk in, it looks so neat.
great vibe. 
we had truffle popcorn... sounds interesting? 
after we took pics in the photobooth :)
For the past few days i've been trying to tan in 14/15 degree weather.... you can only go tanning from about 11:30-2ish cause it gets too chilly after that. & believe or not i've gone a couple shades darker. say wahh?
just relaxing. seriously. and it's so nice. i miss my MUTH family though at school & i'm looking forward to going back next week.



nik said...

haha...thanks for cutting me outta ur pics. i know!
nice ACE pics.
tanning in 14 degree weather?
wow, you're desperate to tan!
it's nice here in balboa. you should be here at the lil beach house.


this looks like so much fun and you look so cute