Tuesday, January 11, 2011

yes. back to reality.

well that was a long break. 
winter break/ blogging.
my it was nice to be back at school... & that's something you don't often hear from a student.
but i really missed my MUTH fam & it felt kinda good to get back into the swing of things- singing, dancing and acting again. is it strange that i was more flexible on the first day back at dance [and no i had not done any stretching over the break]... i was able to do the splits on the both sides?.. almost...
that was yesterday. today i am freakin sore. 
new note-- on the weekend metta had a girls clothing swap/wine evening. i got rid of a whole bunch'a stuff & took home some nice items.... kudos metta for a such'a neat idea. 
anyway. back into the groove of things... lot's 'n lot's of homework & studies in store.

ps i laiiike purply/black lips... or bluey/black. it's looks refreshing when wearing little eye make up.


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jiizzzzzzzzzzzle said...

natttttty i miss you ! youre so beauty in these piccsss ( :