Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it's final: i'm old, i'm grey-haired & hunchback.

My b-dizzle! was so fun.
thanks to all my friends who were able to come out! you made it a lovely night :)
the fact that i'm now 19 has not yet sunken in. besides the fact that i can now buy alcohol without hesitation. it's strange. but that's how things are now & i'm okay with that..
i'm about to go scratch the scratch & win my sis gave me i just remembered i have.
haha i am a dorkus. woot for the one nine.
[i wore a vintage floral & somewhat sheer dress i got from wasteland while away in cali. it was a tad see thru so i had'a wear a bodysuit underneath. it was fun but catches on to anything & everything dangit... + f21 heels-- my pinky toes SHOULD be broken after 3 hours of dancing in them. no i did not break in the heels. yes, i am nuts.]


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Charlene said...

Gorgeous Girls! Hope you had a great birthday! 19 was my fave age I feel so old now ha x