Monday, February 21, 2011

My wonderful surprise!

my lovely ashley came home & surprised me [& other friends & fam members] from montreal. joy!
so we spent the laid-back evening together w/ ali & ginelle: coffee date, a walk to remember, nails & ginelle reading out random facts from a book. a walk to remember ended up being a hysterical laugh. i absolutely love that movie & usually ball every time but then again this movie was made quite a long time ago so it came across kinda corny. 
i ended up eating a mcdicks chz burg & sm fries RIGHT before falling asleep.
may i suggest that is the worst thing/ feeling. do not try it. you've been warned.
ash & i made a yummy breaky in the morn. best breakfast i've had in a LONG time :)
[ash gave me yummy disney princess lollipops. aw you da besttttt]


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