Saturday, March 12, 2011

"it's said those who don't sleep confuse reality with dream".

[last ph. cred: hyoin bae]
We went to one of a few for their 'pop up show' grand opening.
my first time going in that shop & they have real neat stuff. 
but the gypsy market vintage clothing is fab. some real cool pieces. 
too bad nat is poor. so i browsed & drooled over the clothing on the racks and people standing around [real well-dressed peeps]. 
after we decided to try locating 'guu' [a japanese tapas bar]. but instead walked by the place approx three times, walking in circles, until we finally found it. we suggest that you never. ever. take directions from us three. it was too full there so we ended up at steamworks [which looks small on the outside---but pretty freakin large on the inside]. stuffed our tummies & went on our way to go home. 


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