Monday, April 11, 2011

take 2!

I have another style of scarfin' yo hurr for ya'll!
this one works better with long, thinner head scarves that aren't ☐ - shaped. however, it should still work with either scarf style... depending on how big the ☐ - shaped scarf is.
 uno: fold the scarf so it's decently thin like so...
 dos: fold it in half and wrap evenly around head... [my expression in this photo is questionable haha]
 tres: pull one end of the scarf through the loop at the forehead...
 cuatro: get the two ends of the scarf and tie and knot at the centre...
 cinco: doneZO! good luck!
awesome thing about the head scarf is that it's literally great for just about any occasion:
beach, stroll into town, shopping, party, clubbing [for all you wild children out there ;P], vacation, etc.
scarves will sold @ v for: ▼intage
it's a good idea to check every few days cause there will be more up very soon girly poos :)
[scarf in photos is not for sale.. one used as example]


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