Wednesday, April 6, 2011

some enjoy the business, some enjoy the simplicity.

i'm still a sucker for chunky, funky [monkey] rings. do i wear rings often? no. 
in my program we aren't suppose to wear jewelry [gets in the way of dancing & such] & they're a pain to take on & off & then eventually they get lost somewhere at the bottom of my never-ending mess of a purse. 
i want a pair of honkin' shoes.. like creepers or super duper platform heels [photo #4 & 6]
ya.. i'd like that.
2nd thoughts on vacation. i don't wanna go with just my rents. 
i'm sorry but in all honesty, what fun would that be? & don't think i'm not grateful. i need a vacation if anythinggg & a tan sounds fab but i wanna be with friends. ya know?


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