Monday, May 23, 2011


lay-D's & kind, gentle men...
i present to you... the waikiki sunset. sunday may 22 approx 6PMish.
the sun sets real early here but rises about the same time as vancity.
so what were my first thoughts as we landed on the island?
palm trees= LA
weather= [humid] Philippines
mixed ethnicities= Vancitay
i like it here. i like the beach & the pretty surfer boys & the giant sized w-bottles for only $0.99 and the air conditioned-everything. 
anyhow i took only a few photos today on the digital, however, i whipped out the lomography cam and snapped some photos in the sunnyshine.
weather today was freakin strange. it was cloudy and rained in the morn [while still being super duper warm], then the sun came out, then it rained while it was sunny and then for the rest of the day it was perfect, seriously, just hot, total tan-worthy weather.
so these next couple photos i have to give credit to THE MAN REPELLER.
man, she's fab. i admire her so much. her blog posts are brilliant, along with her funky style and personality.
anyhow, perhaps this post will sum up her spunky..ness & why i suddenly feel so close to her in my following photos...
ph #1: a lady sitting next to me on my flight home from palm springs during winter break gave me this book cause she realized she'd already read it.... good book
ph #2: i used to hold a theory that only filipinos could make this face. until i found out my non-filipino friends could do it. dangit.
ph #3: hello hips! i'm definitely not the starved-to-death looking child i once looked when i just walked into highschool (and no i did not have an eating disorder... it's called a freakin fast metabolism peeps). anyway.... my mom thinks i'm silly and got mad at me for being a dork in this photo... oh momma.... 


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