Tuesday, May 24, 2011

feelin' like a tourist.

burn baby burnnnnnn.... story of my shoulders, up.
today we got up bright n early & headed to the beach. 
we had the most comical taxi driver, but boy did he have a mouth... wouldn't let you get one word in! oh well... i was entertained & i learned quite a lot within our 15 min ride.
like.... did you know that you don't call a palm tree a palm tree? you call it palm.
technically a tree is classified by having branches and leaves... that of which palm does not have.
so minus the tree from the word and you're on your way...
beach was nice, so were the lifeguards. i tell ya, whoever picks these male lifeguards must be specifically selecting only the hot n steamy ones, which is technically completely wrong-- and though i'm exaggerating it is unfair for the public, single females to have to drool over such eye candy & never see these hot pieces of ____ ever again. 
i hope you get my point.
what else? my dad is like the pigeon feeder. i nicknamed him snow white. 
hah..hah... aren't i clever. but seriously.... he feeds those darn pigeons (having the numerous "please don't feed the bird" signs right over his head) like no tomorrow.
i, of course, freak out and try swatting them away with whatever is closest to me: my water bottle, book... my mom tried using an empty plastic bag while being a good 5 feet away from it and instead swatting me... thanks.
tonight we ate pho. oh phophopho. i think i have some sort of illness that consists of a constant craving for beef brisket soup. hand it to me from breaky, lunch & dinner. i'll do it.
& our new fav dessert is bubble tea. oh boy does my pops ever love that ____.
we had three today & apparently it's going to be an evening tradition for the rest of our trip. i will not argue.
and right in the middle of the outdoor food court/vendors was a live show... hula dancers!
was so neat to watch. men and woman. AND GIRL THOSE GIRLS CAN FREAKIN SHAKE WHAT THEIR MOMMA GAVE THEM. i kept looking over at my mom saying "how the freak do they do that?!" 
anyhow. i think that's all. i'm super tired. long day much enjoyed.
trip with the parents isn't so bad. i'm a lucky duck to be here.



justinmanning said...

Look out!
My Diana camera's film got wiped in the airport scanners.
But hopefully that doesn't happen to your Holga!


nik said...

sounds like a good time. talking to you guys tonite made me live vicariously through you while i suffer in bed. haha...i think i'm gonna walk out and get some tomato soup for my poor body.
luv u AND go do a rainforest adventure! seriously, for me!