Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just don't think.

lol. i think i'm the biggest hopeless romantic. [& i NEVER say 'lol].
in fact let me re-phrase that:
HAH. i think i'm the biggest hopeless romantic.
as much as i enjoy romance movies it makes me feel so needy after. i don't like that.
i mean i've been independent my whole life, being single. so why do i constantly have this WANT to be with someone? well i guess that just what the normal human being desires. but then who's to say i'm 'normal?' 
what is 'normal?' 
and then i start thinking: what do i look for in a person?
i'm such a dork that sometimes i watch interviews of celebrities where they talk about what they look for in a boy/girlfriend. and then i ask myself the same question. it changes every time.
i hate being picky. but i think i am & perhaps that's an issue. & that's probably why i'm still single. sometimes i just hope that i allow myself to let my guard down and allow someone to enter my life. 
life is much too complicated though.
but i suppose it's good to think about these things.
...just thought i'd share what i was intensely pondering about today. 
call me a freak will ya.


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