Monday, June 6, 2011

eye see summer

'rents and i were talking last night about what my 'back-up plan' is ....for life.
i'd love to do something fashion-oriented.... seeing as there are sooo many fields of fashion to choose from. not saying it's easy though.
and then i began thinking about something within the category of geographical work. 
or being a flight attendant... and traveling the world. how rad would that be [?]
anyway. as i stare eat my closet i  realize the first photo seems to be the most realistic outfit i could get away with... seeing as i carry my b-pack round with me EVERYWHERE and i could probably stir up something similar to this outfit with the clothing i have. 
i'm so glad that some nice weather has finally rolled around. i thought before i was beginning to get not-so-home-sick-but-more-like-vacay-sick from havaiiii...
ps... i'm much much need of turquoise/blue lipstackk!


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