Thursday, June 9, 2011

what's new scooby doo doo?

i'm a tired kiddy. 
i've been working everyday & i'm so physically fatigued  that i'm finding it almost impossible to even form a proper, verbal sentence... by the beginning and end of the day.
but i'm alive and i am not broken so that is good news. if you like me. 
anyhow i bought a couple thangs from aldo accessories since i work there [temptation....].
- a wide-brim hat! it was about time. but it hasn't been terribly sunny here in van yet so i haven't missed out on too much covering-of-the-head-by-a-lovely-sunhat yet. 
- sunglasses... since my fav ones JUST broke! will this teach me to keep my sunglasses in a case now? well gee i guess not since my new ones are somewhere at the bottom of my backpack right now... hmm...
- a fat turquoise [REAL?! no fake, obviously] ring. hehe. it's a funky little thinger.
- lastly! just kidding... there is no forth item. UNLESS you want to count the turquoise necklace i got ali geeezy. 
we just got a fatty amount of feather earrings that came in today and i had to remind myself to shut my mouth a couple times because drool is unlady-like and unattractive. 
i want them all. and i cannot have them all. but that's okay because if i had them all them i would be even more of a greedy child & that's just not good. nope.
i guess that's all i have to share. i wish my life were a little more exciting. but i'm content & that's easiest for now n_n


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