Sunday, August 14, 2011

not talking about these cute faces...

say hi to da kitties.
and say hi to fall.
well... in just over a month.
sorry to squash your enjoyment of summer... 
if i did, i make it up by getting you pumped about the styles/trends/"in" thangs for fall 2011?
when you go shopping, remember colors such as white/off white/ beige won't be as suitable for fall/winter. however, wear whatever you feel comfortable in, i like to say.
these are just some tips. from me, to you.
here it goes:
- keep in mind green, orange & brown colors 
- tuxedos, masculinity [for women]
- color blocking & mix matching patterns
- floral [ya guys, that stuff is being brought to fall season too.. also keep in mind vintage-like floral]
- sequins [...not a huge fan]
- hollywood 50's & 60's -- pencil skirts, accessorizing hair, structured & tailored.
- fur [everything] & animal prints
- & if you are having a lazy day, accessorize less with jewelry. skip it. there's no need [think simplicity]
- leg-wear: stockings/ tights/ leotards 

s'all for now.
back to thoughts of summer.


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Paul Crichton said...

I want those in my tummy