Sunday, September 18, 2011

one-eyed natt.

so to come to a conclusion, i definitely recommend drinking LOTS of green tea when you feel you are getting sick. or if you already are sick.
there are 11 wonderful reasons you should drink it.
and this comes not from my knowledge but from something i found on tumblr.
so how legit is this information you are about to receive? 
as legitimate as you'd like it to be.
i'll believe it, anyhow.
1. it is an excellent source of anti oxidants
2. it burns fat and enables you to exercise longer 
3. it prolongs your life
4. it lowers stress but boosts brain power
5. it reduces high blood pressure
6. it helps protect your lungs from smoking
7. it helps protect your liver from alcohol
8. it prevents tooth decay and cures bad breath
9. it helps preserve and build bone 
10. it boosts your immunity against illnesses
11. it rehydrates you better than water

drink green tea.

[ps. i'm feeling tons better. just about over this cold that was trying to get me]


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