Sunday, January 1, 2012


hello two one twelve.
the 3 sister (amigas) went to ace hotel in palm springs.
such a funky little joint. 
danced till our butts wanted to fall off and backs were about to break
(literally)... well not really. jord's back was aching so we left an hour after screaming "happy new year!!! lqasd ae nwkesdad qw!!!"
my lovely, sober night (k half a drank) ended as i being the designated driver.
see how happy i am?
we had fun with crafts and made pretty headbands. 
i even rocked a 'googly eye' on my wrist.
then it ended up on jord's arm.
and then on the wall.
and the music was off the heezzyyy. 
i like dancing with G's. i like dancing like one too.
and the great finisher photo. 
start a fad: cross your eyes in photos. 
or.... not.

i'm kidding. do it.


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