Thursday, January 26, 2012

a word with natt


Balenciaga leather top, £182
Maison Martin Margiela ankle length skirt, £251
Chloé zipper bag, $898
ASOS face jewelry, $55
Link jewelry, $1,150
Tortoiseshell sunglasses, £330
Yves Saint Laurent - Pure Lipstick No.49 Rose Tropical, $35
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, £18

black currant

Carolina Herrera scoop neck shirt, £191
Jeremy Laing long black skirt, $298
Agent Provocateur sheer lace bra, $190
Alexander McQueen flat leather boots, $1,038
The Row drawstring backpack, £22,950
Bex Rox white jewelry, £90
IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick Iman Red, $10
NARS Nail Polish, $17

raspberry tea

Tara Jarmon top, €115
J brand, $194
La Perla underwire bra, £270
Barry M Green Lipstick, $5.14
PINKCLOUDS Signature Pink Collar - eleven objects, $175


Lipsy cropped shirt, £22
Acne long skirt, £100
Zarah Voigt earrings, €227
Ariella metal jewelry, $38
IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick Iman Red, $10

Whenever i'm creating an outfit on polyvore i never know if i'm gonna create a summer or winter look. i kinda just go along with whatever the first thing is that i choose (shoes or shirt or skirt...). 
i'd love to be a stylist. 
however, it's not my passion. it's something i'd like to do for fun, so i don't take the idea too seriously. 
i just really believe in unique, personal style.
i used to be so caught up in what's "in" and what's "not", and although i still keep some of those ideas in mind, i don't let it overrule something that interests me. 
so now, i try to respect and accept what people wear, because their style is what (hopefully) expresses who they are as a person. 
and it really is important to be comfortable in what you wear and to try to feel confident when taking risks or even when you're just having a good 'ol sloppy day.
the end.



little moon lover said...

amazing outfits!! I'm going nuts over the second one.. must be the boots... I've often thought about being a stylist, seems like a pretty amazing job... but it good that thing about believing in personal style and respecting others when it comes to that or beliefs or religion or whatever... it is just so that honestly some of them don't have a clue on what to wear.. that's when we come in handy.. we gotta help those lost souls into looking a bit better don't you think?.. some of them don't even know they wear unflattering clothes or colors, etc..
great blog!

Remington said...

love the inspirational posts. especially these collages, very neat.