Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Basically hair, food and roses.

ph.1 - for Nina's bday she made her class these choco chip stuffed w/ oreo cookies! ummaze!
ph.2- Saige is probably the best person i know when it comes to braiding. 
ph.3- tuna and salmon don [got it just for you lindsay!] my friends like to call it dong.
ph.4- breakfast for dinner in bed. i could never and will never grow old of eggs.
ph.5- my fish tail. sadly my hair is thinning out cause it's unhealthy... needs a good ol chop.
ph.6- oatmeal. i will eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
ph.7- Bor took us to an amazing sandwich place today. quiznos/subway's got nothing on it. 
ph.8- had a presentation today @ school today so i wore my specs + hair up to look "smart".
ph.9- i dried out the roses i got from Hello Dolly. now they're mine forreverrrr.


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