Wednesday, April 11, 2012

laa dii daaa....

March up to now has been insane. good insane.
I just finished performing in my university's musical Hello, Dolly! it was such a blast and an incredibly tiring experience. I can honestly say that i've been on and off sick since jan. 30th, when we started rehearsals. I've finally realized how much a show can take out of you. However, I learned such a great amount and it was such a fulfilling episode in my life. three more classes left of school and then onto finishing projects, last minute assignments and prepping for auditions and exams. so it isn't all over yet. but soon.

AND GUESS WHAT?! I ended up hearing back from the theatre (TUTS) I wanted to perform in this summer. so for all ya'll vancouverites reading this be sure to come see Titanic the Musical this summer at TUTS!