Thursday, October 4, 2012

eye see, eye like.

eye see eye like

Eddie Borgo chain jewelry, 370 CAD / Dara Ettinger cluster necklace, 290 CAD / Alkemie circle necklace, 195 CAD / Alkemie vintage style necklace, 185 CAD / Alkemie owl ring, 185 CAD / Vanessa Mooney brass necklace, 78 CAD / Vanessa Mooney silver ball chain necklace, 78 CAD

i'm really digging all this earthy/vintage/grunge-like jewelry right now.
just bought a silver coin necklace from a friend who's been making a ton of jewelry lately.
you can look up her stuff on instagram: #foundbymettarose
also a great site for jewelry [like the above images] is Wolf Circus
good prices & really neat stuff!


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