Friday, February 6, 2015

cali ~ so far


so far, so great.
it's been a real treat hangin' out here with the folks.
to be perfectly honest i've been lounging on lounging on lounging.
it feels a little too good to be true.
so i'm taking it all in, cause in 2 days it's all over.

immediately as i landed i was greeted by my cute lil momma with birthday balloons
because, technically, that was my actual birth date.
it was such an early flight that i'd woken up still half asleep, grabbed my things,
and left for the airport.
it hadn't even occurred to me that it was my birthday until i saw the balloons.
it was cute- i felt like a kiddy all over again, and for a moment i was a little
embarrassed, but then i figured: screw it. i don't know any of these old farts
(referring to a large population of people in the airport, and palm springs in general).

our first stop: 
in n out. duh.
i know, i know how creative one can get with their "non-so-secret menu" n all.
but i decided to keep it simple. for once.
a burger, fries and a neo shake.
and that did me in.

so far we've also hit up Shield's Date Cafe for date shakes.
... one thing's for sure is i'm a real sucker for shakes.
(you never would have guessed).

joshua tree national park was also a destination we enjoyed. 
i was a silly little girl and figured sandals would be ideal.
so, being the adventurous and sometimes risk-taker i am, i decided to climb up 
some giant rocks in those sandals. 
i had one close call, but thankfully the good Lord kept me safe.
it was fun.
we walked around for a couple hours and then called it a day,
(apparently running back home to catch some rays at the pool was most key on the day agenda).

and that is: cali ~ so far.

tomorrow we are going to LA for... 
you'll never guess... 
i am keen on on it though.
can't wait to hit up the vintage shops on melrose and shops on fairfax.

update y'all once i'm back!

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