Saturday, February 14, 2015

the truth about love.

today i celebrated "Single's Awareness Day"... with myself.
i later realized that abbreviated it spells "S.A.D."

how cute is that...

but jokes aside i am a content gal.
i've accepted singleness into my life with open arms.
there's really no sense of the whole "wallowing in pity" party.
i've got incredible friends and family who demonstrate love toward me every day.
it's their selflessness, patience, kindness and thoughtfulness that encourage me.
even through our imperfections and flaws. 
through our arguments and things we've said that we wish we could take back.
because there is forgiveness.
and forgiveness stems from love.

who is love?
God is love.
because of Jesus Christ we are dearly loved.
The truest and purest love of all.

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Alix said...

Oh! Your blog is so great, I really love it ! This picture is too ! Come see mine.