Friday, July 30, 2010

the 'works

Our evening at the fireworks began with a baby seagull being lead into a shopping centre by two of my crazy friends...
friends? i mean...
i dont even know them...
We tried leading the poor thing back outside. It had a little difficulty, flying into the window a few times, but with persistence it finally got out, with our help.
Tim Tams for my first time... yummayy
hahahaha... a halfer trying to look even more asian?
some prettyyy ladies
nik: try doing this... it zooms in & looks so rad.
aw the little love birds on the left. natty+jams
nailz+lemonade+pixie stix+someone's hairy legs.
Yet to come are a few videos on the ride home where i was basically peeing myself laughing with my sis nik in the backseat.
i won't spoil it yet...
We had a great time at the fireworks.
friends were the perfect cure to get my mind off things.
laughing lots n lots included.