Wednesday, February 19, 2014

f a v

i like this one.


a day like wednesday .

i spent most of wednesday to myself.
and i had take advantage of a sunny (& decently warm) day like today. 
so i took a little walk around vancouver and then came back home to my little town.
it'd been awhile since i took a walk around my town- whenever i leave my house it's either 
to go out to work or vancouver.
i discovered so many things had changed- stores, mainly.
and somehow i ended up getting my hair chopped.
i'm telling you, the decision came within a minute of me sitting into the chair.
i was like... why not? really. hair is hair.
and then afterward i had lunch with myself.

a real nice day.


Monday, February 17, 2014

--- goes on ---

Cry if it will reduce your heartache. 
Then, wipe your tears. 
Pick yourself up. 
Face the world. 
Life goes on.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

o p u s 2 3 .

"i don't know what else to say,
how else to say,
that there's only so much 
that i have left for you to take.
be gentle,
i'm wearing thin". 

- n . j 


Pre // Post Vday

 i've never been much a fan of valentines day.
knowing this, a very sweet boy sent me flowers at my work the day before.
possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts i've received.
i enjoy surprises.

yesterday, on vday, we went for dins at Coast and then headed to Black and Blue afterward.
both real delish.
(i would have done that on any other day of the year, of course). 

i had my first chicken and waffles experience today at Chewies.
that must sound incredibly lame.
who hasn't had chicken and waffles?
nonetheless it was yummy and i had to face a serious food baby afterward.
that was fun.


Monday, February 10, 2014

~ ~ G A R D E N HANGS ~ ~

and lastly...
jacket & sweater- Oak + Fort, blouse & shoes- Zara, purse- Joe Fresh, pants- rag & bone, hat- Holt Renfrew

Styled and Modelled by myself
Photos by: Matt Bourne 

My first Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden experience today.
it's neat.
the pond was sorta yucky. won't lie.
that aside, we were lucky it was only drizzling when matt snapped these.
i know most of us hate the rain but i think we can agree it's refreshing here and there.

we strolled around china town and then ended up brunching at The Flying Pig in Gastown.

... i've seen a bunch of NYFW photos online and on instagram.
in a way I'm bitter and jealous.
but truthfully i just wish i could be there to experience it all.
i've only heard things but never been able to partake.
y'know... one day. 
one day.
(next year). 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cali ~ Left B E H I N D .

just a few forgotten ones. 
man, what i'd do to be back there again.
sure i was just there, but it didn't feel like it was time to come back.
well, i mean, does it ever?


TANsition .

 i enjoy being tan.
don't go away.
nat yetttt... ;(


Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014


am i doing.



for my birthday i dressed as a woolly mammoth.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

[STILL] sweater weather.

bottoms- rag & bone, sweater- F21, sharktooth necklace- Wolfcircus

alright, winter.
we get it.
let's give spring a turn.


---Back 2 the chillz---

coat- Topshop, pants- Zara, Nike Air Force 1 shoes, purse- Michael Kors, Happy Socks

styled and modelled by myself
photos by: Matt Bourne

i'm home.
well i have been for a week now.
but i've been all over the place.
i'm sleepy and mellow today.
yesterday was my bday.
wend to Wildebeest for Dine Out Vancouver and then headed out to Fortune afterward.

what a strange day.
my thoughts are a little muddled.
so i'm sitting with a pot of tea, my bunny pants, pink fuzzy slippers & hanging with me, myself and i. 

these photos were taken the day after i arrived back in van.
thanks matty.