Sunday, December 22, 2013

tartan vibes

scarf- Zara, mom jeans- American Apparel, coat & toque- Aritzia, shoes & tunic- Oak + Fort

ma dudes.
i don't know what my problem is (well... i do) but i have an excessive obsession for scarves.
i. simply. cannot. have. enough.
i wear one out everyday.
perhaps b/c i'm convinced that it completes an outfit.
i've just done a head count and i've so far purchased 6 this season.

there's no stopping me now.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lately .

 leopard faux fur coat- Sheinside, Adidas hoodie, Hunter boots, Zara bag

jacket- Oak + Fort, faux feather pants- Topshop, Nike runners
 scarf- Aritzia, coat- thrifted, bag & toque- Oak + Fort


Sunday, December 15, 2013


sherpa jacket- H&M, denim- J Brand, boots- Zara, purse- Joe Fresh, toque- Aritzia

hope you all had a fantastic sunday.
the sun came out to play again!
matt & i grabbed pho and then snapped some pics in a pretty industrial area right beside the tracks.
it wasn't the cleanest of areas- there was a ton of random crap lying around the ground.
(what else do you expect, i guess).
although, a few things captured our eyes: 
a part of a piano and a sculpture of a man hanging, holding on by his hands (1st photo)
as well as all the graffiti walls.
not to get all corny on ya'll but there was something quite captivating about the area. 
maybe it was the combination of all the random, abandoned objects + rad, beautiful art.


styled and modelled by myself
photos by: Matt Bourne


Saturday, December 14, 2013


 here we have it, Vancouver.
 a nice taste of the winter chill.

my dress code?
i'm either in layer upon layer [upon layer]
i've thrown on a light jacket & i'm out the door.

i'll expand:

sometimes i just don't care.
sometimes i wake up in the morning with a coffee/tea in hand &
walk out the door without even the slightest consideration that maybe [just maybe]
it's minus 8 degrees out. 
SOMETIMES i just wanna dress the way i wanna frickin dress.
and so then i freeze... 99% of the time.
but then i find myself at the end of the day asking myself how i survived
& without ever having a proper explanation i just accept that it will
always be "battle of the weather" when it comes to my style choices.

and so i'll go to sleep, 
wake up

and [probably] do it all over again. 

 military-style button-up- F as in Frank [vintage Polo, Ralph Lauren], hoodie- American Apparel (mens), leggings- Oak + Fort and Nike runners.


i'd been going over and over how to properly layer for this weather
& for awhile i was a little stumped.

so i throw on a basic top & add a blazer/cardigan/vest overtop?
 okay, sure. 
 i can layer a sweater or hoodie over top of a tunic over top of an even longer tunic.
add a scarf.
 add a hat. 
...add earmuffs [or don't]
i like to refer to this process of layering as "blobbing
simply b/c one may end up looking like...[duh] a friggin' BLOB.

i can't tell you it's the most flattering look.
blobbing isn't some sort of "mating call technique".
in fact it may not even get you a single glance from the male sex.
it just is what it is.
the real goodoversizedbaggy sweaters that have ZERO shape to them are like...
how do i say this?

it's like
eating the eyeball of a fish,'s the best part.

[...yes, i'm filipino]. 

 oversized denim jacket [vintage Polo, Ralph Lauren] & snapback- F as in Frank, DIY distressed denim, hoodie- American Apparel (mens), scarf- Zara and Nike runners.

photos taken by: donnel garcia


Monday, December 9, 2013

another week here & gone .

 i spent last night with skylar and some of the people from our church/her community group.
it was a get together in which i consumed yummy wine, yummy desserts 
and also involved a piano, singing and some lovely conversations. 
i had a great time.

in the morning sky made us THE MOST TO-DIE-FOR breaky
homemade banana bread french toast [w/ eggnog instead of milk], raspberries, strawberries and banana for the toppings avec "noble handcrafted" tahitian vanilla bean matured maple syrup drizzled atop. 
homemade homestyle potato "fries" w/ peppers, onions & seasoning.
an eggnog latte for herself and a lavender latte for myself. 
uhm, can you say "wifey material"?
honestly, boys...

afterward, despite the chill & seeing as it was a bright, sunny day, we walked to church.
i probably say this every sunday but i seriously cannot picture what my life 
would be like without sundays.
they are SO needed.
enough with the valley girl talk.

night night.

PS. donnel & i will be taking photos this week for the F as in Frank collab!
stay tuned...


Thursday, December 5, 2013

chanel sweatsuits | LV jackets | bags full'a who knows what

Donnel and i rolled outta the F as in Frank warehouse today 
with one stuffed bag each of some really dope vintage pieces. 
here's the sitch:
Donnel and i are going to be collaborating with FAIF for both our blogs once or twice a month.
so look forward to some more versatile photo posts on my blog.
i feel it needs that.
i think we can agree that we're getting a little *yawn* of my mirror outfit pics, mmm?
i cannot wait to snap & share in photos with you all the rad pieces i picked up.
very excited for this collab!

stay tuned. x

that Chanel sweatsuit....


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the last of november.

 a great new read my dear friend Skylar lent me this past sunday.

saturday night was Nik's Great Gatsby themed bday!
we all had a fun time dressing up and drinking wine in our pretty dresses.

it made me think: wow, when was the last time i'd put on a dress and heels?!
i haven't done that in AGES.
...was a good night.

oh and hello, it's DECEMBER!
christmas music on repeat. 


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

preparing for the week ahead...

vintage leather jacket, sweater & boots- Zara, hat- Holt Renfrew, denim- JBrand, scarf- Oak  + Fort

busy week ahead.
(black friday week...)

...oh the joys of working in a mall.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

THIS sunday.

what would i do without them?
honestly, though.
a day to go to church and praise God and really soak in the good Word of the pastor's message. 
lately i've been feeling pretty convicted on these days.
heck. lately? for the past (goodWHILE.
but man, today has really given me a great, new perspective.
i don't know why TODAY
i don't know why it wasn't 2 or 3 or 4 or however many years ago.
but today i snapped out of it and realized how sick and tired i was of this feeling of heavy
 guilt i came to church with every. single. sunday
the sort of guilt where i would sit in church feeling so upset with myself about the decisions
 and actions that i made throughout the week knowing i needed to change while i would
 then come back to church the following week and once again feeling the same conviction,
 while this went on week after week after week
thank GOD our God is a forgiving God
thank GOD that He is always there with open arms. 
always willing to take us back when we ask for forgiveness.
never saying "well... i forgive you but i'm still a little upset that you lied about [insert 'lie' here __________]."
it's done. in the past. 
my sins are forgiven.

today, after church, i had the chance to spend some good heart-to-heart time with my
lovely friend, Skylar.
i thank GOD for her. 
i can't say how blessed i feel to have another Jesus-loving 
(and i say Jesus-loving with zero shame) friend in my life 
who i can speak to about my faith and who can give me great spiritual advice

 i really just thank GOD for my wonderful friend, Skylar.
for this day.
and for always expressing His overflowing, unconditional love (through everything).



say "scarfing scarves" 10 times quickly.

coat- Aritzia, scarf- Zara, bag & shoes- Oak + Fort, DYI distressed denim
i feel like i should make specific posts on 
"How to: Live in your scarf".

...seeing as i have a never-ending collection of scarves in my closet.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

you aren't livin' unless you're crotch-droppin'...

Adidas tee, black mesh top- H&M, drop crotch pants- JNBY, long cardigan- Oak + Fort

Say wahhh?
today is the day that marks the purchase of these incredible drop-crotch pants.
comfort and style get a 10/10 in my books. 
i don't know about you guys, but i found this week in particular to be extremely chilly,
especially in the mornings and evenings (...duh).
all i want is to just be warm and comfortable when leaving the house.
and that's why i wouldn't be surprised if you caught me in these pants
for the rest of this winter season.
.... la la laaa ....


Wednesday .

 faux suede vest- H&M, distressed sweater- Sheinside, vegan leather ("Max") leggings- Oak + Fort, toque- Aritzia, Nike Free Runs

Man, oh man.
#worklyfe is so much better when you have a happy pair of feet.
If i could wear these shoes everyday, i would.
unfortunately, i cannot.
oh well.
that being said, it was a good workday for natt.