Saturday, August 30, 2014

adios august.

it's been a month. 
here's your update... (and i hope to goodness to not have to do this to you all again). 
so let me give it to you.
 in [short&sweet] point form:
- had Rain or Shine ice cream for the first time w/ Skylar.
- bonded over Bao Bei w/ skylar, zach & sonia. (and attempted an ellen selfie).
- got the hair did.
- hit up the Stussy rooftop party with my girls.
- took a mini trip to TERRACE, BC! it is beautiful... seriously, like what the heck!? also scored on a sweet vintage backpack at one of their thrift stores.
- enjoyed a summer sunset at Crab Park.
- hair did for the 2nd time.
- went to watch Sza perform at Fortune.