Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mon - Sun

sweater- Zara, skirt- thrifted, sneakers- Reebok

 coat- Aritzia, tee- Oak + Fort, boots- Zara, denim - J Brand

no matter how many "new weeks" there are to come, every one of the them ends up being 
jam-packed & i find myself (what feels to be) unbearably busy
i've always argued, though, that being busy is a good thing- to a certain extent. 
this week and the last, however, had undeniably thrown me off kilter.
today's church service gave me a great perspective- i'm reminding myself
to stay thankful (no matter the circumstance) and trust that The Lord has everything figured out for me already.
i just gotta call on Him.
and no matter how many times i find myself full and satisfied, there always comes a dip in life.
and normally those are the moments when i come up with excuses to try to work things out on my own account.
and, of course, i fail.
i become frustrated and discouraged.
it's a pattern that's hard to break.

so. today, i hit the refresh button.
... it almost sounds too simple.
but thankfully our God is gracious and merciful and doesn't expect anything in return when we repent.

The Lord is my strength:
on the day i called He answered me, my strength of soul He increased. 
... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

i ended the week nicely with a fitness/lifestyle shoot with my good friend, Ann and photographer Lauren
Ann is a HUGE inspiration to myself and many others.
one year ago we all had our first shoot together for Ann and it was such a neat experience for us all.
the three of us just work really well as a team.
although i was looking forward to this shoot, i was also fairly stressed.
i wanted it to be amazing! Ann deserves that.
she disciplined herself and trained so hard for this day.
... and the photos make that so evident.
very similar to our first shoot i again did her make-up, hair and styling.
i wish every shoot could be as wonderful and run as smoothly as today.
as always, i look forward to sharing the final product photos of this shoot with you all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the little things...

1. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady Watch in Rose Gold, Diptyque candle, Oak + Fort initial necklace
2. classic Reeboks
3. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady Watch in Rose Gold

i've never really been too much into the whole watch game.
i have two casio watches in gold and silver and have alternated between those for the past couple years.
but this Daniel Wellington watch has completely won me over.
simple, sleek, classy & classic. 
if you're mulling over a new watch, you should seriously consider DW.
you can use the code: "naways" for 15% off on any watch (code expires in one month). 

Aside from that, i just wanna add in the fact that it's been strangely warm out the past few days.
heck, i wore a skirt a couple days ago.
and it's nearly november.
oh global warming...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

recap last week.

last thursday i sort of had the day off. 
so i wound up at one of my favorite little cafes, Basho.
it's not often that i go there cause they are closed on sundays, (my day off).
their almond milk matcha lattes and little baked goodies are D-LISH.
i even ran into my friend, Vanessa, there.

in the evening we had our wings + horns release party for our collaboration with Canada Goose on the parka
was a great turn-out with real good people.

the morning after della and i woke up nice n' early to begin our roadtrip to Summerland.
in reality, it should have taken us around 4 hours, but because we stopped at
almost every thrift shop on the way, we arrived in the evening.
... (& it was so worth it).
seriously, thrifting in small towns is like hitting the jack pot.
so many good finds.
we stayed with her childhood best friend (kalia) and her husband (brett) and sweet little baby (ruby). 
robert (della's brother) and maddie joined us the next day.

within our three day stay we were able to accomplish: a (huge) grocery trip, going to the local farmer's market, hitting up Value Village, apple and vegetable picking (from kalia's sister's orchard!), cooking 6 desserts + dinner sides, attending church on sunday morning, visiting a cute cafe, having Thanksgiving dinner, and visiting della's grandparents before our roadtrip back home. 

and while i somehow managed to catch a cold on the trip, i still had a really wonderful time.
it was a huge blessing to be able to stay with kalia and her little family.
and i sure didn't mind taking a break from work and all the chaos of regular day-to-day... life.

next mini road trip perhaps seattle/portland?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

i turn away .

I turn away  
and close my heart-
to the promise of love
that is luring.

For the past has taught
to not be caught,
in what is not
worth pursuing-

To never do
the things I've done
that once had led
to my undoing. 

- Lang Leav

Friday, October 3, 2014

NOMAD shoot for Sarah Mulder Jewelry

and without further adieu...
the photos from my 2nd shoot with Sarah Mulder Jewelry for her "NOMAD" collection.
all jewelry shown is now available on her online site!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

my new home... & some.

my new home is cute & quaint.
the fact that i can now sleep in and walk to work is pretty rad.
& i think i'm just as equally excited about having my own fridge.
i've been off gluten/wheat & dairy for a couple months now- so it's nice to be able to 
get creative in the kitchen
... my own kitchen ;)

last night i attended my first community group (bible study).
it was such an encouragement to hear stories of other people's faith and and day-to-day struggles and break throughs.
and to be able to just pray for one another- in a group of believers. 
so much power in that. 

for awhile i'd considered joining a community group but constantly excused myself due to the fact that i was "too busy" or lived "too far".
that, and i was just intimidated, lazy and, frankly, the desire was just not there.
but with this move (and changed heart), there are no excuses. 
thank God.

after community group della & i hit up the astoria for a quick minute b/c
they were putting on an evening that consisted of awesome throwback music AND dance lessons...
i learned the hussle.
what the heck?!
so fun!