Thursday, March 27, 2014

railtown down.

photos by: Matt Bourne
thrifted puffer vest, Reigning Champ X Everlast hoodie, Oak + Fort harems, Nikes, Chains4change chain (2nd photo) 
on sunday matt and i snapped some in railtown
we pho'd
we caffeined
then parted ways. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


1. reigning champ camo coach's jacket in dark cherry & reigning champ hoodie in navy.
[2. saturday's daylight shining in.]
3. reigning champ X everlast [collab] N.Y. hoodie in black.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

look ma! no pants!

it was so pickin' nice out so i scrapped the pants.
and i had Finch's again because i wasn't going to stop myself.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

spring sprang sprung !

Aritzia coat & cap, Woo2cu distressed denim, Oak + Fort scarf & tunic, Nike chucks, Zara bag

met up with sky downtown.
we went for a nice stroll and basked in the spring sunshine.
i enjoyed my first 49th parallel coffee bevy!
it was lovely...
ya know, it's always a treat to sit and chat with this gal.
[i know] i may sound like a broken record, but i truly am so terribly thankful to have such an amazing Christ-loving person in my life.
the encouragement, love and support that she shows me is overwhelming.
before we said goodbye today she mentioned something that plucked a few strings:

"He will never put you in a storm and leave you there to fend for yourself. 
He will always provide the means to help you through". 

that was all i needed to hear.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

day 1 .

welcome to my new [work] home.
 the wings + horns // reigning champ flagship store .
today was my first shift.
what a delightfully friendly, chill vibe. 
as soon as i stepped in i was introduced to all the rad people who work in the back office/warehouse. 
[it's attached just behind the showroom].
neat, huh?
felt very welcomed by the team.

was a tad overwhelmed by all the pieces that i wanted to take home.
but, of course.
& the fact that both brands are essentially menswear clothing doesn't bother me at all.
sweaters, hoodies, tees- i'll take em.
naturally i tried on a few things...

... show ya later what i got.

i also may or may not have a giant goose egg on my forehead from carelessly walking straight into the glass door before leaving the store.
face first.
that, uh, happened.

like that awkward girl who did the same thing in that movie...
"it's okay guys, i'm fine". 


Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Q's .


Sunday, March 16, 2014

sunday with sky .

Zara coat & pants, Oak + Fort scarf, Aritzia plaid blouse, Nike Air Force 1's, Michael Kors purse 

 this morn, church
afterward stopped at Timbertrain & met up with Sky.
later on i had my first Earnest Icecream cone experience [salty caramel].
of course i'm going to tell you it was friggin' incredible.
& then we grabbed burritos cause we both had serious cravings to fill.
we stopped at a couple stores and picked up a few additions to incorporate into her lovely new home that she'll soon be moving into.
aw. just look at her. glowing.

and then i somehow ended up at home.
sore throat, stuffy nose.
please, not a cold.


14 whythehecknot[?] facts.

in case you were curious... 
foreword: this is sorta weird. i don't do this. but perhaps you hardly know me at all...

1. self-conscious feet.
2. broke my baby pinky in karate when i was 9.
3. icecream-o-holic.
4. always in a hoodie at home. 
5. always wished my family had a reality tv show.
6. serious case of indecisiveness.
7. thumb war champ. 
8. oh. scrabble as well. 
9. i talk to myself. a lot. but i hear that's normal... right? ["right"].
10. harem/drop-crotch pants 4ever.
11. choco chip pancakes= key to my heart...  /stomach.
12. Christ follower.
13. classically trained in singing. 
14. bunnies... but, duhh.



Saturday, March 15, 2014

. . .patience . . .



& in the words of Jay-Z, "I'm onto the next one"...

yesterday was my last day at oak + fort.
i'm moving onto a different retail company.
bitter // sweet.
(if you don't yet know where i'll be going to, you'll soon find out in my future posts!)
i'm expecting to pee my panties when i encounter all their glorious hoodies. 
if you haven't yet noticed, they're all i wear.
... comfort, people. 

my dear friend, joseph, introduced me to Finch's [tea & coffee house] today.
all this talk about it and it was time i tried it for myself. 
my baguette had walnuts, brie, prosciutto and pear on it.
be back soon.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

cozy n' clean .

(all photo sources can be found on my tumblr

these cozy snaps are dedicated to the next few rainy days we have in store. 


the sun is here // the sun is gone.

these are from a few days ago.
today i bore my legs because the sun was in a good mood. 
after tmrw it's going to rain for rest of the week.
i want to cry.


Sunday, March 9, 2014



i eye .

these were fun.
just bein' silly.
while we were out and aboot i kept on repeating to matt "my pants feel so breezy". 
i knew i had a hole in the knee of the pants but i sure wasn't expecting to find a
 GIANT hole in the crotch.

that happened.
we laughed.
and took more photos.


Friday, March 7, 2014

treat yoself .

coat, boots & bag- Zara, jeans- rag & bone, hoodie- American Apparel

w e d n e s d a y  n i g h t 
i went to delve at my church. 
// fasting, worshiping, praying.
awesome time.
afterward Skylar & i stopped by Thierry's and treated ourselves to yummy food.