Sunday, March 16, 2014

sunday with sky .

Zara coat & pants, Oak + Fort scarf, Aritzia plaid blouse, Nike Air Force 1's, Michael Kors purse 

 this morn, church
afterward stopped at Timbertrain & met up with Sky.
later on i had my first Earnest Icecream cone experience [salty caramel].
of course i'm going to tell you it was friggin' incredible.
& then we grabbed burritos cause we both had serious cravings to fill.
we stopped at a couple stores and picked up a few additions to incorporate into her lovely new home that she'll soon be moving into.
aw. just look at her. glowing.

and then i somehow ended up at home.
sore throat, stuffy nose.
please, not a cold.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very beautiful photos!
and you should try ice cream here in Italy!