Tuesday, November 26, 2013

preparing for the week ahead...

vintage leather jacket, sweater & boots- Zara, hat- Holt Renfrew, denim- JBrand, scarf- Oak  + Fort

busy week ahead.
(black friday week...)

...oh the joys of working in a mall.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

THIS sunday.

what would i do without them?
honestly, though.
a day to go to church and praise God and really soak in the good Word of the pastor's message. 
lately i've been feeling pretty convicted on these days.
heck. lately? for the past (goodWHILE.
but man, today has really given me a great, new perspective.
i don't know why TODAY
i don't know why it wasn't 2 or 3 or 4 or however many years ago.
but today i snapped out of it and realized how sick and tired i was of this feeling of heavy
 guilt i came to church with every. single. sunday
the sort of guilt where i would sit in church feeling so upset with myself about the decisions
 and actions that i made throughout the week knowing i needed to change while i would
 then come back to church the following week and once again feeling the same conviction,
 while this went on week after week after week
thank GOD our God is a forgiving God
thank GOD that He is always there with open arms. 
always willing to take us back when we ask for forgiveness.
never saying "well... i forgive you but i'm still a little upset that you lied about [insert 'lie' here __________]."
it's done. in the past. 
my sins are forgiven.

today, after church, i had the chance to spend some good heart-to-heart time with my
lovely friend, Skylar.
i thank GOD for her. 
i can't say how blessed i feel to have another Jesus-loving 
(and i say Jesus-loving with zero shame) friend in my life 
who i can speak to about my faith and who can give me great spiritual advice

 i really just thank GOD for my wonderful friend, Skylar.
for this day.
and for always expressing His overflowing, unconditional love (through everything).



say "scarfing scarves" 10 times quickly.

coat- Aritzia, scarf- Zara, bag & shoes- Oak + Fort, DYI distressed denim
i feel like i should make specific posts on 
"How to: Live in your scarf".

...seeing as i have a never-ending collection of scarves in my closet.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

you aren't livin' unless you're crotch-droppin'...

Adidas tee, black mesh top- H&M, drop crotch pants- JNBY, long cardigan- Oak + Fort

Say wahhh?
today is the day that marks the purchase of these incredible drop-crotch pants.
comfort and style get a 10/10 in my books. 
i don't know about you guys, but i found this week in particular to be extremely chilly,
especially in the mornings and evenings (...duh).
all i want is to just be warm and comfortable when leaving the house.
and that's why i wouldn't be surprised if you caught me in these pants
for the rest of this winter season.
.... la la laaa ....


Wednesday .

 faux suede vest- H&M, distressed sweater- Sheinside, vegan leather ("Max") leggings- Oak + Fort, toque- Aritzia, Nike Free Runs

Man, oh man.
#worklyfe is so much better when you have a happy pair of feet.
If i could wear these shoes everyday, i would.
unfortunately, i cannot.
oh well.
that being said, it was a good workday for natt. 


head full'a curlZ

these were taken at the end of september. 
bye bye tanned skin.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

why don't i miss you the way other people do

"Oh ship setting out on a distant voyage,
Why don't I miss you the way other people do
After you've vanished from sight?
Because, when I don't see you, you cease to exist.
And if I feel nostalgia for what doesn't exist,
The feeling is in relationship to nothing.
It's not the ship but our own selves that we miss."

- A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe: 
Selected Poems


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

me ----> coat: i got my eyes on you .

coat (CT 312) & gray tee- Oak + Fort, (Finch) pants- Aritzia, plaid shirt- Buffalo Exchange, Nike Free Runs

i had one of those mornings where you're staring at your closet thinking 
"i don't know how to dress myself today".
i nearly made the mistake of leaving my house in the most unexciting (i'm so serious) outfit.
i had to do a double take in the bathroom mirror to realize before walking out the door.
thank (freakin) goodness.


Monday, November 18, 2013

black, white & teal.

i decided to do it.
because it was about time.


sunday in seattle.

all photos taken by: donnel garcia

denim jacket- Community Thrift, trousers & toque- Aritzia, sweater, scarf & gray tee- Oak + Fort, chucks- Converse, retro-reflective backpack- Nocturnal Workshop


Ma hitta .


yesterday i spent the day in seattle with my homie, Donnel.
the last time i'd gone to seattle was 2 summers ago.
as we strode along the streets we couldn't help but point out it's 
similarities to vancouver.
maybe that's already an obvious observation but i haven't been to seattle enough to
actually allow myself to take proper notice of these things. 

our day consisted of the seattle outlet mall, walking about the "downtown" area as well as capitol hill and along ballard street as it got dark out. 

it was refreshing to shop alongside this dude cause we share similar taste.

there was one vintage store we hit up that had a downstairs where we found a huge section full of costumes. that was fun.

after passing Dick's for the first time where Donnel nearly face planted into the cement 
(having one of the co-workers from Dick's witness the incident 
who pointed at him, mouthing "i saw that"), we thought, naturally, 
it'd be cool to go back and grab choco milkshakes. 
so we did.
they were yummy.

i couldn't get over how many american apparel's and urban outfitters we passed by.
too many.
but we did hop into one urban outfitters that had a photo booth on the top level 
& took full advantage of that...
also fun.

although it got dark at 5 we still stuck around, drove a bit, walked a bit.
hit up starbucks for the 3rd (?) time.
it was going to be a bit of a drive back.

as we journeyed home we sang and donnel, being the amazing impersonator that he is,
planted his skills on each song that came on.
we laughed, joked and chatted about our lives.
it was cool to get to know this side of donnel.
he's a real rad dude and please, you guys... his steaze!

click HERE for his tumblr (some fantastic photography & work)
and feel free to follow his instagram: donnelgarcia


Sunday, November 17, 2013

hat & seek .

 jacket- H&M, hat- Holt Renfrew, faux leggings & bag- Oak + Fort, shoes- Aldo (old)

i am not an impulse buyer
well, not on a "normal" basis.
but yesterday.
ruh roh...


Saturday, November 16, 2013


puffer vest & tartan shirt- [2nd hand], black bag, shoes & sweater- Oak + Fort, denim- JBrand, hat- Zara


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the staircase.

your left hand
taps a finger
on the table.
your right hand
claws through your hair.
your inhale,
destroys the feeble walls
you've used to guard yourself.

did not build your walls,
did not design your expectations
and he
did not create your fragile heart.

did not ask to be anything
other than another someone.

creeping through your skin
making it so that
sanity and insanity are one
and the only thing that makes sense
and you blame others 
who give a shit about you.

but you claw that right hand
and you rip at your scalp.
and you turn that left hand
into a fist
and unapologetically 
beat the table.




mascara tears 

that guilt,

and curse,

and are found



Monday, November 11, 2013

the feel of feeling nothing .

this morning
 as i stumbled downstairs
in my outdated, butt-ugly pajamas, 
undeniably in need of a shower,
as i brewed myself a pot of coffee
and sat down to take my first sip
with zit cream dotted randomly around my face
with my hair hanging in a half ponytail
and my nail polish mainly chipped off both hands,
as i took that first sip 
i realized,
you'd find me hideous.

[and somehow that didn't bother me] 


always .

i gotta thank you.
for always never being there for me.
for always never giving me advice.
for always never admitting your mistakes.
for always never lending a hand.
for always never listening.
for always never being genuine.  
for always never showing how much you care.

i gotta thank you.

for always never thinking of yourself.


a taste of tumblr .

* i do not own any of these images. all can be found on my tumblr

the land of palm.
vintage designer.
coats that dream of touching the floor.
mixed ethnicities.
dream homes.
pretty plants.