Monday, November 18, 2013

Ma hitta .


yesterday i spent the day in seattle with my homie, Donnel.
the last time i'd gone to seattle was 2 summers ago.
as we strode along the streets we couldn't help but point out it's 
similarities to vancouver.
maybe that's already an obvious observation but i haven't been to seattle enough to
actually allow myself to take proper notice of these things. 

our day consisted of the seattle outlet mall, walking about the "downtown" area as well as capitol hill and along ballard street as it got dark out. 

it was refreshing to shop alongside this dude cause we share similar taste.

there was one vintage store we hit up that had a downstairs where we found a huge section full of costumes. that was fun.

after passing Dick's for the first time where Donnel nearly face planted into the cement 
(having one of the co-workers from Dick's witness the incident 
who pointed at him, mouthing "i saw that"), we thought, naturally, 
it'd be cool to go back and grab choco milkshakes. 
so we did.
they were yummy.

i couldn't get over how many american apparel's and urban outfitters we passed by.
too many.
but we did hop into one urban outfitters that had a photo booth on the top level 
& took full advantage of that...
also fun.

although it got dark at 5 we still stuck around, drove a bit, walked a bit.
hit up starbucks for the 3rd (?) time.
it was going to be a bit of a drive back.

as we journeyed home we sang and donnel, being the amazing impersonator that he is,
planted his skills on each song that came on.
we laughed, joked and chatted about our lives.
it was cool to get to know this side of donnel.
he's a real rad dude and please, you guys... his steaze!

click HERE for his tumblr (some fantastic photography & work)
and feel free to follow his instagram: donnelgarcia


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