Monday, October 12, 2015

struggles of the flesh - vl 1 : easy / teach me

easy / teach me

easy to sit here and wallow in my pain,
easy to let the enemy plant lies into my brain,
easy to unforgive what i already forgave,
even when i know that it's by grace that i've been saved.

oh Lord,
oh Lord, i cry to you,
you see my wicked heart,
but your grace forgave me from the start

oh Lord,
oh Lord, i'm ashamed to even ask,
for you to show me how to love,
when i've refused to look to you above.

teach me,
teach me,
cause it's easy. 

teach me,
teach me,
cause it's easy,
to forget.

i forget.

(to be cont'd...)

photo via: purelikegolddd