Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~ outfit compilation

thrifted denim jacket and tee, Topshop distressed jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren chucks and Oak+Fort necklaces

wings+horns scallop vest, Aritzia pants, cap and checkered button-up, Oak+Fort tunic and Steve Madden slip-ons

8th & Main sheer vest, Topshop platform sandals and backpack and Oak+Fort scarf

F21 jacket, rag & bone black pants, Oak+Fort tunic, Zara sandals and Topshop backpack

Aritzia boyfriend blazer, American Apparel cropped tank and Oak+Fort trousers, shoes and necklaces

wings+horns X Everlast hoodie, Oak+Fort tunic, Zara distressed jeans and Topshop platform sandals


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


and finally,
two photos that i could not even explain to you...
Stussy hoodie & [Patta] bucket hat, Zara coat, Aritzia shorts and Steve Madden slip-ons

photos by: Matt Bourne


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HYPEBEAST || wings+horns FW14

some of my favorite looks from the wings+horns fall/winter 14 lookbook.
call me biased... 
but i truly appreciate the overall simplicity and cleanliness of the collection. 
i'm also a fan of "quilted bomber" pieces- on men and women
i recently snagged the black bomber vest from our FW '13 collection; which is pretty much a staple for the closet. 
oh. plus the low top sneaks
we're getting a replen for FW '14 & i have dibs on the all white
ya heard?

you can find the full lookbook on HYPEBEAST.


Monday, April 7, 2014

|| make yourself @ home ||

vintage Polo jacket & vintage tartan sweater- F as in Frank, Rag & Bone pants & Zara slip-on sandals

 vintage denim USA jacket & plaid button-up- F as in Frank, Oak + Fort black tunic, Rag & Bone pants and Zara slip-on sandals
 vintage Polo tee- F as in Frank, Aritzia black hoodie, Wings+Horns vest & bag, Rag & Bone pants and Zara slip-on sandals

styled & modelled by myself.
photography by: Donnel Garcia

i wanted to shoot in busy locations.
the arcade.
& Mcdix... mainly just because.
it's funny how even though [we] were in these congested situations [which does not testify in the photos, hardly anyone seemed to notice or take interest
i liked that. i didn't want people staring. 
i actually wanted to blend-in rather than stand out.

 and with that...
my favorite piece that i grabbed at the F as in Frank Warehouse was the tartan sweater- it obviously brought Celine to the brain.
&, of course, the denim USA denim jacket was just a super neat find. 
i guess that's it.
i hope that's it.

but very lastly, a golden outtake...
check out the half-shut eyes.
... eye laike fries (?)


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

this week ... woah.

1. jethro's pancakes. o.m.g. i think i managed to dent a quarter of the thing. 
the next morning i had leftovers and could only mow another quarter 
& then i was donezo. super good though. 
2. offwhitepartay.
3 & 4. wings had the vest i was looking for. crazy. also i caught a pretty rainbow.
5. feelin' gray.
6 & 7. yuhhh...
8 & 9. finally sandals weather. 
10. hardatwork.
11. sandals. again. also had a great time cutting up my denim.
12. today was my last day working with my manager! 
he is amazing and fabulous and i'm so sad. wishin' him the best !