Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Finally. we made it.
hello palm springs. & hello crappy weather from this day forward :(
why is it that when we get here the weather goes all yucky? [& when i have to leave- and my parents are still here- i lose out on the good weather?]
well, i gotta feel fortunate that we gotta do tons'a shopping & i'm so thankful.
WASTELAND!-- amazing vintage/designer/2nd hand picked store on melrose ave.
this was my second time [i knew i had to go back again after the first time].
nik & i go crazy there... it's really hard not to. the prices aren't too die for, but they aren't all that bad. they got some real neat stuff.... i'm really pleased with my purchases :)))
nik wants to do yoga tomorrow and then sun tan [it's suppose to be 17 degrees out... but SHOWERS].... okay nik......
& she plans on us doing yoga. that i can agree to.
ace hotel may also be a possibility.
can i get a 'holaaaa' for no more fast food? 
[pics come tmrw! the internet connection here sucks so it takes forever to upload pics]


Monday, December 27, 2010

roadtrip blues...

Not to sound spoiled rotten [which this will probably come across as]- but if i have one more bite of fast food--- i dont know... but i'm sick of it. 
driving on the road for 15 hours in one day means lots of napping [with the snuggie & having my sisters foot in my face when she's sleeping], great amount of fast food, TJ MAXX [my mom is a TJ MAXXaholic, and plenty of jokes made by the father.
yesterday we were up early and wound up in a hotel late late at night-- or early early morning you could say.
i bought a few items from f21 yesterday. can i get a 'woot woot!' for no tax [we're hittin up all our favorite stores in oregon]
i'm currently using wifi at mcD's.
my dad's freaking out cause my mom and sis just came back from the store with BAGSSSS of stuff.we have no room for it in the car....
ooo baby...


Saturday, December 25, 2010

pretty things.

While the 25th may just about to be over, it just occurred to me that i must think up some new years resolutions!
i guess, for me, new years resolutions end up being quite worthless after the first month of january [of the new year] because i can never fully stick to them. but it's still fun to think up things that i'd like to improve or change [in a positive way].
& perhaps if it's something i really do came about, i will stand by it & pursue the idea.
it literally feels like just months ago when i wrote my resolutions on my blog for '10.
it scares me sometimes, how fast time really does pass by us. especially with the busy schedules & lives that people obtain. i guess creating resolutions for the new year is like stopping to smell the roses, for me anyway.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

thinking thoughts.

We must always think about things
We must think about things as they are,
not as they are said to be.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Gettin into the spirit .

goldfrapp style.
i've been listening to lots 'n lotssss'a Christmas music the past week.
i also baked cookies today... 
i love having time to do things now ;)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

When the evening crashes... go for mexican food.

So friday evening was the camilla d'errico art show at ayden gallery.
what did i think? well it was neat, camilla was there, creating some t-shirts [she was so quick!] & a bunch'a her work was placed around the gallery. some other art was there [that wasn't hers] i found kinda creative/humorous. 
i'm kicking myself for this now... but i didn't buy anything... not even a card... nothing.
at the time i was thinking that: i don't ever use cards so what's the point?
but now that i think about it, it would have been neat cause it isn't often she comes here & i had a chance to purchase some of her work. 
nina & i didn't stay too long... our stomachs were upset & were telling us it was time for food. 
so we went for mexicana food! mmMM..
yum. but messy! we got burritos... real creative huh?
& then we got churros... & it was so strange cause they weren't the typical cinnamony/sugar coated ones from disneyland [or amusement park]. i guess this was the real mexican churro way of making them. they were just plain, deep-fried [or so i believe?] with some sorta sugary, brown sauce on top. it was odd at first... but then we decided it wasn't so bad after a few more bites.
& then the night was finished. we people watched a bit after dinner. these crazy teens were drinking outside & were so freakin obnoxious.... i mean really?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

dispose of nothing.

these photos consist of moments from VFW, the long commute home from school and the snowfall [w/ nina & boris].
to be perfectly honest i'm really not much of a fan of snow. maybe i just hate the cold.
it DOES look beautiful though. but the worst: driving in it. now i can understand why kids love snow so much. they don't have to drive in it. 
i'm really looking forward to this Christmas break. lot's of relaxation in store.