Sunday, December 12, 2010

When the evening crashes... go for mexican food.

So friday evening was the camilla d'errico art show at ayden gallery.
what did i think? well it was neat, camilla was there, creating some t-shirts [she was so quick!] & a bunch'a her work was placed around the gallery. some other art was there [that wasn't hers] i found kinda creative/humorous. 
i'm kicking myself for this now... but i didn't buy anything... not even a card... nothing.
at the time i was thinking that: i don't ever use cards so what's the point?
but now that i think about it, it would have been neat cause it isn't often she comes here & i had a chance to purchase some of her work. 
nina & i didn't stay too long... our stomachs were upset & were telling us it was time for food. 
so we went for mexicana food! mmMM..
yum. but messy! we got burritos... real creative huh?
& then we got churros... & it was so strange cause they weren't the typical cinnamony/sugar coated ones from disneyland [or amusement park]. i guess this was the real mexican churro way of making them. they were just plain, deep-fried [or so i believe?] with some sorta sugary, brown sauce on top. it was odd at first... but then we decided it wasn't so bad after a few more bites.
& then the night was finished. we people watched a bit after dinner. these crazy teens were drinking outside & were so freakin obnoxious.... i mean really?


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