Thursday, December 9, 2010

dispose of nothing.

these photos consist of moments from VFW, the long commute home from school and the snowfall [w/ nina & boris].
to be perfectly honest i'm really not much of a fan of snow. maybe i just hate the cold.
it DOES look beautiful though. but the worst: driving in it. now i can understand why kids love snow so much. they don't have to drive in it. 
i'm really looking forward to this Christmas break. lot's of relaxation in store. 



Anonymous said...

i love tour pictures and looks, any way how do you edit your photos???

natt said...

Thank you :)
These pictures were taken by a disposable camera.. Thats how I got that "old look" effect. As for most of my other pictures I edit them in a program that comes with my MacBook on my comp :)