Tuesday, January 29, 2013

this morn.

 jacket- Sheinside, leather pants- TopShop, striped swearer- Brandy Melville, shoes- Aldo

My lovely friend Elite bought me this toque and gave it to me before i left cali.
she knows me too well ;P


whip it real good

jacket- Sheinside, striped shirt- Brandy Melville, chain necklace- vintage



Monday, January 28, 2013

boyz boyZ BOYz

All photos from Style.com

Glancing at these photos i can't help but think "fall/winter '12 should be labelled: A Man's World". 
i wouldn't be surprised if many have already used that term for this season.
Dressing yourself in full-out men's attire is totally praiseworthy.
i don't want to be the one that tries to tell people what's "in" and "out" each season. 
but i will admit to and share trends that i fancy.

i've found myself the past few months dressing myself more like the opposite sex.
in no way do i want people thinking i'm a dude- i just enjoy a tomboyish touch to an outfit now & then.
[and apparently countless others can agree].
for instance, i really dig a boyish outfit with a bold lip color + a sexy hair do.

i can't explain what it is about dressing like the opposite sex that i find so appealing but sometimes there is no way for explaining these things.
it's like having a million things you wanna say to someone & not being able to figure out the right words to express how you feel.

na'i mean?



"i realized,
i am in love with the presence 
of your words
and the feel
of your existence. 

But i am not in love with you."

- author unknown 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

When opposites attract...

hat- Supreme Store (LA), kimono button-up- (Hong Kong) 

i wanted to do something a little different today.
i'm a big fan of kimono's and ethnic pieces and i thought it''d be fun to play around, pairing it with something polar opposite. 
i also wore my reptile print jeans and hunter boots. 
it's annoying that you can't see the rest of my outfit but as i said before-
full body shots will come once i get that tripod (t- minus 2 weeks? maybe less...)
i rolled the sleeves of the button-up to give a slightly different look & made it so the sleeves from my sweater underneath were visible. i like doing that too.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A pop of bright!

bright lime blouse- F21 (old), sweater- Zara, skull necklace- Oasap

Sometimes it's amusing to spray my hair blue just to see the reactions i get throughout the day.
my roomie (lindsay) didn't even think it was real hair and my both my teachers questioned "is that blue in your hair?!"
even though i knew the blue washed out in the shower i still got nervous and could only spit out "it's fake!"
(if you're in a musical theatre program, like i, you do not wanna go around dying your hair blue... thats fer sure).
so, sticking to the stuff is my definitely my safest bet


Monday, January 21, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4 .

1. stopped by the supreme store while i was in LA & chose this guy.
2. bunny/cat case. bam.
3. man, i could do pinkberry any day of the week.
4. wanted these guys since september and scored a wicked deal on em. 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

cuddle me.

- Like Crazy


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"is that a dress you're wearing?"

bomber jacket- H&M, grey dress- Topshop, cross tights- ASOS, socks- American Apparel, boots- Joe Fresh, red tartan button-up- 2nd hand, suede purse- Zara, snapback- Stussy

 i still can't get over how embarrassing it is that i'm even putting up these horrible outfit, mirror shots.
a part of me is like "w.e" and the other half is slightly repulsed
my rents are kindly buying me a tripod; which i'll receive in a couple weeks.
see, i told you to hold onto your panties!!
...or did i?
anyway, better outfit shots coming (in a couple)...

ps. i rarely wear dresses, especially during the freezing cold winter season.
but today i sucked it up and was all like wahheveaaa.


Sunny D.

i'm looking forward to the rest of this week- all sunshine ahead.
still super chilly, of course, but sunny.
we could all use a little more'a that vitamin D.
also preparing for an audition on sunday and working on some music for school.

reminding myself to stay positive when my buttons are being pushed.
patience is key.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A different perspective:

A few bloggers who really inspire me.

- funky, patterned socks
- random pops of color 
- baggy leather pants
- oversized scarves
- rolled leg of pants
- denim on denim
- mesh
- small, simple side purses
- layering (show me yoo sleeves)
- earrings + toque


when "blending in" is okay.

 reptile pleather pants- Topshop, green vest- Community Thrift and Vintage, camo jacket- 2nd hand, NY jets tee- F21, shoes- Choies

wow. apologies for the terrible quality of the last photo.
until i get a tripod, my life consists of these awful mirror photos.
but, i plan on getting one very soon.
so hang in there...

ps. if you think it's fun to be corny, you may find it comical that i thought myself as a chameleon today. i wore reptile-like pants (their scaly skin) and a camo jacket (sometimes they like to blend in). 


Monday, January 14, 2013

just tired.

somewhere along the way we changed.
it was wrong from the start. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

some days feel like they're never gonna end... amirite?

coat- Aritzia, scarf- F21, reptile leather pants- Top Shop, booties- Joe Fresh, suede bag & black knit sweater- Zara, toque- Army & Navy

My hair apparently is growing like a friggin weed. 
i need to give it another chop sometime soon- it could totally use it...
today i went to church and after went out for brunch with my sister and church friends.
then worked and was sooo relieved when i finally got home.
it was just so warm and welcoming.
man, there really is no place like home.

ps. in case you didn't know [& i know i'm gonna regret telling ya'll this.. but...
Army and Navy sells some pretty stellar, cheap toques.
 i mean they aren't the greatest quality toques you'll come across but they're worth your buck. 
and by "buck" i mean they're $1.
so get on that.


until we meet again...

 photos from last year in cali...
it's only been a week since i left & i'm already feeling nostalgic.
these photos also make me miss my blonde hair, of course.
i wonder if i'll ever go back (blonde).