Sunday, August 28, 2011




i don't know if that'll happen.
but i'll let it try. 



don't make decisions when you're angry.
don't make promises when you're happy. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

begin the count down...

i've finally noticed bags under my eyes.
what does this mean?
that i need much much much more sleep.
how do i convince myself to do this?
 staying up late is now a regular routine.
...hey. next week is my last week of work.
then i move into my new place in north van & begin school.
i know. i'm anxious.
anxious as in... scared but excited. ya na?
i'm not ready for studies and stress. 
must make the best of the last couple weeks.
[gonna go to seattle for the day w/ luis and back to school ship ship shop]


Friday, August 12, 2011

talking about photos.

 Finally [after some time] i develop the holga camera.
la di daaa...
ph.1 -- half head & half sunnnies
ph.2 -- nina & i @ centennial a bit back
ph.3 -- my brown locks... this was just after school finished
ph.4 -- alison & i writing on the post riot apology wall [you see alison writing but tilt your head to the left and you see me writing]
ph.5 -- nina w/ her timmys
ph.6 -- driving somewhere
ph.7 -- nat and viv and nat again
ph.8 -- thas me n_n
ph.9 --nina avec sun hat
ph.10 -- wearing bathing suit top, check. its purple.
ph.11 -- da pigeon man
ph.12 -- nina on grass
ph.13 -- i dunno whos hands??
ph.14 -- birdies in hawaii
ph.15 -- palm
ph.16 -- eyes open. eyes closed.
ph.17 -- harajuku loverszzzs
ph.18 -- balcony view in hawaii


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

it's cool to clash

this was a couple weeks ago when my cousin had his wedding. the day before my mom sent me out to buy a dress. instead i come home with harems and a tribal-like blouse. typical.
momma shoulda known not to let me shop alone for this event.
& to my surprise my mother shows me this square, black, reptile-like purse she got at the thrift store. super cool. she said i could have it. & then i borrowed her silver bracelet and rings [which i still haven't returned to her & she's becoming very impatient-- i wear them all the time now]. didn't know she had these things lying around her room. 
so. i enjoy how the two patterns [harems + blouse] are different. but somehow they match... or i like to think they do. i just enjoy how they work together n_n
[i don't know if you guys have ever noticed but i have a crooked smile. or maybe only i notice it cause i'm around myself 24/7 which makes it easy for me to point out my imperfections. 
anyhow. i used to be super self conscious about it, but now i'm so used to it that i think i like it] .... [ i also have a broken pinky]
woot for strange imperfections n_n